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Maynard Fest 2016

2 Oct , 2016  

Mother Nature was a bit cruel (again) this year.  After month after month of cloudless weekends, we get a rainy one on the weekend of Maynard Fest.   Despite the cool damp weather, many folks came out to participate and have fun. (I think the booth selling chowder and chili made a killing.) On behalf […]

Video Production

TOS – Death of Me

6 May , 2016   Video

This is the second video from the band T.O.S. and I thought it came together exceptionally well.  Frankly, when you really only have one camera that’s moving in an (essentially) live shoot, serendipity plays a big role.  I also have to give credit to Mike Rolla, who provided some great edit suggestions, particularly certain drum fills. […]


Acme Theater – Stop Kiss

25 Apr , 2016  

Taking a short break from building out a new website for a client, I had the pleasure of photographing the latest production from Acme Theater here in Maynard.  “Stop Kiss” is the final show of their 2016-2016 season and it is a compelling story and staging.  It had its share of challenges on the photography […]

Video Production

TOS – Killer Video

9 Apr , 2016   Video

Back in December 2015, at the WAVM Beacon Santa Telethon, I was photographing the bands that were performing at the telethon.  I’ve seen a lot of them over the years.  A handful stand out as really good… and then one just makes you sit down and say “where did these guys come from?”.  So it […]


Photography, Technical Stuff

Wilderness Photography Kit

8 Sep , 2014  

I mentioned in an earlier post that my main reason for investing in the Fuji X-T1 was related to an upcoming trip I was taking.  Well, I’m back from that trip and thought it might be interesting to review what went right and wrong, along with thoughts for better planning for the next trip. The […]

Events, Technical Stuff

The Fujifilm X-T1 – On Assignment

15 Jun , 2014  

This is a summary of my experience with the biggest investment I’ve made in camera equipment in over 5 years: the Fuji X-T1.   This is not a review of the camera’s technology, image quality, etc. — there are dozens of them out there and adding another one more assessment of that isn’t of much […]