Photography Services

I specialize in event, theatrical and concert photography.  I also do interior/exterior architectural photography (before/after) for trades, real estate and interior decorators.

I don’t do portraiture.  If you are looking for headshots I can recommend a number of fine photographers.

I strive to tell a story with every image.


I love working with musicians.  Nothing better than capturing those moments on the stage when magic is happening between performers or with the audience.

Unless you tell me otherwise I give the audience priority – they are there to see you, not me.  So I work to shoot from angles and at times where my presence is minimized.


Outdoor events, day or night, good weather or bad.  I work with a number of civic groups and business associations to capture the spirit of the events so that everyone can remember what it was like to be there.


If you are looking for onsite photography of products (for websites or promotions).  I don’t do studio shoots.


I can provide photography during rehearsals or shows of theater productions for promotional purposes or creating memory albums for the cast and crew.

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I would love to discuss how I can be be of service for your next photography project.   I don’t do all types of photography, but the ones I do I do well…