2014B-032-0619From its roots as Armistice Day, the eleventh our of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in Maynard, like towns all over the United States, honor those who answered the call for their country and put their lives on the line.

As many of of speeches noted, “heroes do walk among us” from World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam, and the wars in the Middle East.

This year’s observance was especially touching as it included the dedication of the “MIA/POW Chair” which serves as a reminder that we will not forget the tens of thousands of service men and women who have never returned.

The movement to have these chairs dedicated has been spearheaded by Rolling Thunder, whose president spoke at our dedication.

Maynard’s chair now holds a place of honor in the foyer of Town Hall.  A second chair will travel to events such as our Memorial Day observance.

Here are a few photographs from the morning:

Some photos from a recent production by Acme Theater: Crimes of the Heart.














I’ve been proud to be associated with the WAVM Beacon Santa Telethon for, well, more years that I care to count (I think it might be 20).  This year the students raised over $32,000 to help families have a brighter holiday season and new year.  They do this in something that really doesn’t happen any more: a non-stop, 40-hour telethon – a LIVE television and radio production.

In addition to providing technical services to WAVM (I help with their website a bit, but I also designed and implemented the auction system) I shot nearly 1700 images of the amazing people both in front of and behind the cameras that make this event possible.

Here are the galleries of my favorite photographs this 3-day event:

Video has been rapidly become a key component in the selling of homes.  A variety of video tours and “virtual reality” gizmos have been developed and deployed across the industry.

I’ve opted to approach this market using a nod to the cinematic approach: rather than a fly-through of the home, I try to highlight it’s best features using simple camera moves and cuts to create a sense of perspective while walking through the home while trying to minimize the fish-eye distortion that is somewhat necessary to capturing small rooms.

I’ve been working with a phenomenal local real estate agent, Heather Plate, on exploring this new type of video for properties.   We’ll see how it evolves and I’m interested in working with other local agents to see if we can refine the style so that it matches what the buyers and sellers are looking for to help move properties.

Here are two samples that we have produced so far:

con-flu-ence |ˈkänˌfloōəns; kənˈfloōəns|


the junction of two rivers, esp. rivers of approximately equal width : here at the confluence of the Laramie and North Platte Rivers.

• an act or process of merging : a major confluence of the world’s financial markets.

ORIGIN late Middle English : from late Latin confluentia, from Latin confluereflow together’ (see confluent ).