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TOS at Pleasant Cafe

9 Oct , 2016  

So what do you do when you have a gig where there’s absolutely no direct light and most of the light that is available is behind the subjects? (… and most of that disappears when the sun goes down)  Well, you first push your exposures and gear to the limit, and then, start moving into […]

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Maynard Fest 2016

2 Oct , 2016  

Mother Nature was a bit cruel (again) this year.  After month after month of cloudless weekends, we get a rainy one on the weekend of Maynard Fest.   Despite the cool damp weather, many folks came out to participate and have fun. (I think the booth selling chowder and chili made a killing.) On behalf […]

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SMAC 10th Anniversary Show

6 Aug , 2016   Video

Our friends Carol Noonan and Jeff Flag celebrated the first decade running their amazing Stone Mountain Arts Center in Brownfield, Maine.  Betsy and I have made the 150 mile trip many times (wishing it was closer so we could attend more) and have had the privilege of having Carol’s permission to photograph their Stone Mountain […]

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Truck Day 2016

20 Jul , 2016  

Organized by Maynard Public Library’s Mister Mark, Truck Day attracts hundreds of local kids and gives them the chance to sit in the seats of big trucks… and discover where the horn buttons are..

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OARS River Quest 2016

20 Jun , 2016  

Unbelievably wonderful weather was a counterpoint to the incredibly low river levels at this year’s Wild & Scenic Riverfest celebration on the Sudbury, Assabet and Concord Rivers.   One of the many events was the annual OARS River Quest, where we have sort of a scavenger hunt on the rivers – great for young kids […]

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WAVM Weekend 2016

23 May , 2016  

The staff of the local radio and television station, WAVM, wrapped up another year with their annual weekend games and award banquet.   Below are a few of my favorite photographs from the weekend.  You can also view the full galleries of the events: Capture the Flag Roll-On-America (Skating and Lazer Tag) and Mini-Golf at […]

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2016 Spring Art Walk in Maynard

8 May , 2016  

The rain paused for a few key hours on Saturday and we snuck in another successful Spring Art Walk in downtown Maynard. Thanks to the members of the Maynard Business Alliance for putting this event together once again, and to the shops and restaurants in town that participated.  We hope everyone had a great time! […]


Acme Theater – Stop Kiss

25 Apr , 2016  

Taking a short break from building out a new website for a client, I had the pleasure of photographing the latest production from Acme Theater here in Maynard.  “Stop Kiss” is the final show of their 2016-2016 season and it is a compelling story and staging.  It had its share of challenges on the photography […]

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Duke Levine’s Album Release: The Fade Out

9 Apr , 2016  

One of Boston’s premiere guitar players, Duke Levine, released a new album in March (he kicks one out about once every 9 or 10 years… he’s a busy guy).  Titled: The Fade Out, is is quintessential Duke Levine, a melding of rock, roots, country, soul (and probably 3 or 4 more genres) and, also quintessential Duke, […]

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Acme Theater – Dead Man’s Cellphone

9 Apr , 2016  

A smattering of photographs from the recent production of “Dead Man’s Cellphone” at the Acme Theater in Maynard.  (The show is long over.  I’ve been very tardy in posting here in 2016…)   The set design for the show was quite original and challenging.  A backlit projection screen provided a lot of interesting and dynamic […]