Hi.   Welcome to Confluence Visuals, LLC.

Confluence Visuals was created by Dave Griffin to bring together high-quality and compelling visuals (both still and moving) with all forms of new digital media (web video, social media, mobile applications).

When people ask what I do for a living, I often say that I’m a storyteller.  Stories are an intensely human way of communicating. I’m of the opinion that a significant part of ability and need to tell stories is encoded in our genes, but whether or not you believe that you can’t deny that storytelling is embedded deep within our history and culture.

My background is in software engineering, where artistry is interwoven into concepts like elegance and design.  But before computers came along I always was fascinated with photography and video.  Today I have the great joy of combining my passion for telling stories through great visuals with the latest digital technologies that I’ve been immersed in for over 30 years.

I especially enjoy working with graphic designers, website designers, and marketing professionals where I partner in helping them realize their vision for their clients.   Photography, video, website mechanics, iPad and mobile app development – I have both the experience and the network of professional contacts to help in any aspect of telling your story on digital platforms.

I also do fine-art outdoor photography, but since that has a distinct audience from my business video work I maintain a separate (and far more mature) site at: David Griffin Photography.   While I separate those two parts of my creative work, my visual style for video production is informed by my nature photography.

I’m fond of saying “Every business has a story to tell”.  If you are a business or artist that is looking to tell your story on a website, iPad/tablet, YouTube/Vimeo channel, or someone’s smartphone – let’s sit down and chat about the possibilities.


Dave Griffin

Cell: 978-394-2375
Email: dave [at] confluencevisuals.com
In Person: I’m located in Fitchburg, Massachusetts