So what do you do when you have a gig where there’s absolutely no direct light and most of the light that is available is behind the subjects? (… and most of that disappears when the sun goes down)  Well, you first push your exposures and gear to the limit, and then, start moving into more abstract compositions.  Such were the conditions yesterday at the TOS gig at the Pleasant Cafe in Maynard.

I had the advantage of a comfortable seat near the performance and nobody bumping into me, so I could start with classic documentary style exposures (1/100 or so) and then, as the night progressed start seeing what happens as we get into the 1/20 territory — so not the long exposures of landscape photography, but really pushing it at handheld shots in the 100+mm range.   I also had some weak ambient light and through a careful tweaking of the white balance (again, nothing outrageous) I was able to give the appearance of stage lighting.  For a lot of the longer exposure compositions I would shoot fairly long bursts (more than my typical 3) as only one or two would be anywhere near flattering.

Overall a fun night to experiment, capturing a great band playing in a comfortable setting.  (For more on TOS visit their website:

Technical: Fujifilm X-T1 with the XF 50-140mm f/2.8 @ ISO 3200, Fujifilm XS100 @ ISO 3200 most of the time.  Processed with Lightroom CC.    Nearly each shot in this gallery has some significant tweaks done to it in some way to help balance the exposure or highlight some aspect of what the original captures had.  Nothing over the top, mind you, but not worth enumerating here.   Obviously I felt some looked better in black&white.