Mother Nature was a bit cruel (again) this year.  After month after month of cloudless weekends, we get a rainy one on the weekend of Maynard Fest.   Despite the cool damp weather, many folks came out to participate and have fun. (I think the booth selling chowder and chili made a killing.) On behalf of the Assabet Valley Chamber of Commerce I tried once again to capture the spirit of Maynard Fest (while adding about 4 miles of walking to my tired feet).

Hats off to Keith Jacques, the Mill Town Rounders, Mister Vic, the MHS Jazz Band, and TOS for putting on great shows despite the rain and cold.

The gallery below has a few hundred photos in it.  It’s hard to pare down a 5 hour event with different musical acts popping up along with what’s happening on the streets.  So I’ve also included a few of my favorites below the gallery.

I hope you enjoy looking back on the day…

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Technical details: Fujifilm XS100 used for all wide-angle shots, Fujifilm X-T1 armed with the stellar 50-140mm f/2.8 took care of the rest. The X-T1 and lens proved themselves to be weather-resistant as advertised (they got pretty wet). I shielded the XS100 from the elements as best as I could. Processed in Lightroom CC. Despite the weather, I couldn’t ask for nicer light so most of the photographs are essentially straight out of the camera. A handful have minor exposure adjustments.

I had planned to make a hyper lapse while walking around, but the darn Hyperlapse program doesn’t support stabilization on the iPhone 7 and the result was pretty awful… Sigh!