Our friends Carol Noonan and Jeff Flag celebrated the first decade running their amazing Stone Mountain Arts Center in Brownfield, Maine.  Betsy and I have made the 150 mile trip many times (wishing it was closer so we could attend more) and have had the privilege of having Carol’s permission to photograph their Stone Mountain LIVE shows several times per year.  Over those years we’ve come to call friends many of the staff and regular performers – it’s a remarkable family that they have created and we’re privileged to play a small part in their dream.

The video was created for the opening of the tenth anniversary show (following an auction hosted by Mike “Nigel” Miclon)  It was a combination of 10 years of photographs I have taken there plus photographs and video clips contributed by staff and many musicians who have performed on the SMAC stage.

You can watch it above (slightly occluded) or here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWs7qu5vmAQ

The 10th Anniversary Show featured guitar legend Bill Kirchen, opera singer Lisa Saffer accompanied by classical pianist Sarah Bob, plus the extended “house band”: Duke Levine, Kevin Barry, Richard Gates, Sonny Barbato, Billy MacGillivray, Tom Hall, Paul Ahlstrand, and vocalist Chris Cote.  Bill has performed at SMAC probably half-dozen times now and is deeply respected by his fellow musicians – and he’s also just one of the nicest people ever.

I didn’t have the best location to photograph from, but I think I was able to capture a bit of the joy that ran through this special anniversary show.  Thank you Carol, Jeff, the staff and musicians who have created a truly special place in the piney woods of Maine.

Technical: Fujifilm X-T1 with the XF 50-140mm f/2.8  @ ISO 3200, Fujifilm XS100 @ ISO 1600 most of the time.  Processed with Lightroom CC.  Lately the SMAC stage lights are kept pretty low, so I’m really at the limits of what is possible from a quality standpoint.  Most of the images were underexposed by 1/2 to a full stop to keep the shutter speeds high enough to keep the images sharp.  I’m pretty impressed with the image stabilization of the XF 50-140 for handheld work like this.