Video Production

TOS – Death of Me

6 May , 2016   Video

This is the second video from the band T.O.S. and I thought it came together exceptionally well.  Frankly, when you really only have one camera that’s moving in an (essentially) live shoot, serendipity plays a big role.  I also have to give credit to Mike Rolla, who provided some great edit suggestions, particularly certain drum fills.  You can read more about the recording session here.

You can watch it above (slightly occluded) or here:

The band’s Facebook page is here:

The band members are: Sophia Ward (Lead Singer/Songwriter), Jackson Parker (Lead Guitar), Jonathan Sommer (Acoustic Guitar), Jae Mannion (Bass), and Mitch Rolla (Drums).

Recorded and mixed by Michael Rolla (Isle of Dawn Studio)


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