Taking a short break from building out a new website for a client, I had the pleasure of photographing the latest production from Acme Theater here in Maynard.  “Stop Kiss” is the final show of their 2016-2016 season and it is a compelling story and staging.  It had its share of challenges on the photography front.   I’ll post another article with some details in a day or so.  For now please have a look at a few of my favorites:

Stop Kiss runs from April 29th to May 21st.   Tickets and more information at: acmetheater.com


One of Boston’s premiere guitar players, Duke Levine, released a new album in March (he kicks one out about once every 9 or 10 years… he’s a busy guy).  Titled: The Fade Out, is is quintessential Duke Levine, a melding of rock, roots, country, soul (and probably 3 or 4 more genres) and, also quintessential Duke, accompanied by some stellar musicians (several of which I’m happy to call friends as well).

There were several “album release” concerts during March and we caught the one up at the Stone Mountain Arts Center in Maine.   I actually ended up filming the performance, but managed to fire off a few stills here and there.   I hope some of the videos will surface soon.

The show was opened by Dennis Brennan – another Boston area favorite.

A smattering of photographs from the recent production of “Dead Man’s Cellphone” at the Acme Theater in Maynard.  (The show is long over.  I’ve been very tardy in posting here in 2016…)   The set design for the show was quite original and challenging.  A backlit projection screen provided a lot of interesting and dynamic changes.  Consequently they changed sets very frequently and quickly (sometimes using stage crew as props).  The image count went through the roof!