In the middle of our busy December we look forward to an evening of music among friends at the Stone Mountain Arts Center and their annual Christmas show. Aided by the great house band led by Duke Levine, Carol Noonan hosts some fantastic talent hitting many of the holiday favorites plus some unique arrangements.  Returning guests were the Gibson Brothers. Leigh and Eric (and Michael) provided their blend of bluegrass and country to the evening’s musical fare.


Technical: Fuji X-T1 with the 50-140mm f/2.8 lens did most of the heavy lifting for the evening with the X100S doing the wide-angle shots.  I have the X-T1 programmed so that the shutter mechanism can be changed with the push of a button, and I frequently switched from the mechanical shutter to the (silent) electronic shutter when the music went into the quiet range.   The ability to fire off multiple bursts of 5 frames time and time again without disturbing any of the guests (who paid good money to hear the artists, not my camera) is utterly fantastic and was really not possible with my Canon gear.   With the 50-140mm stabilized lens delivering tack-sharp images in low light, I’m  no longer missing my 5D and 70-200 rig even in this very demanding environment.  Images were processed with Lightroom CC 2015.  (The Quisisana Barn exterior was a 5-EV HDR composite, also processed by Lightroom).