Hey, we had nice weather for our annual Christmas Parade here in Maynard.  Lots of nice photographs from the afternoon.

This doubled as a test of the Fuji X-T1 autofocus in continuous mode.  I’ve been skittish about using it, especially with the 55-200 as it never seems to lock on well.   It actually does a pretty good job, but you have to trust it and, perhaps, always use burst mode.  I found that the first frame would often be out of focus, but subsequent frames in the burst were locked on.  I should have also considered enabling face detection – although I’m not sure how it would handle multiple faces in the photograph which were typical for this subject.  I’m still unhappy with low-speed burst’s behavior in the viewfinder (vs. high-speed) but I found myself filling the buffer too often so I put up with it.

Photographed with Fuji X-T1, XF 55-200mm; Fuji X100S.  Minimal processing in Lightroom 5.

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