Photographs from the 3rd Annual Sip and Stroll event sponsored by the Maynard Business Alliance.  Unlike past years, the weather didn’t exactly cooperate, but a fairly large group of hardy souls braved the cold rain to enjoy the tree-lighting, carolers, and numerous open stores in downtown Maynard.   Thanks to everyone who came out to the event and the many businesses and volunteers who made the night possible.  And a huge thanks to the Maynard Police Department for keeping us all safe in the rain (as the probably only other person who was outside  in the rain the entire event I can identify a little bit…)

This was an “all-weather” test for my Fuji cameras.  It was raining steadily through the entire event.  The biggest problem was my glasses (and the eyepieces) fogging up or getting raindrops on them.   While the X-T1 has weather seals, the X100S does not, nor does the 55-200mm lens I had on the X-T1.  I wrapped the lens in a ziplock bag and did my best to keep the X100S under my jacket when not shooting.   When shooting at night, one’s “success percentage” drops significantly and the rain made that number go even lower, so it was a bit of a challenge to find good photographs.   That said, I’m still impressed with both cameras and really enjoy the EVF in low-light situations (vs the optical viewfinders).

Photographed with Fuji X-T1, XF 55-200mm; Fuji X100S.  Mostly at ISO 6400. Minimal processing in Lightroom 5.

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