For the Fourth of July I was invited to photograph an event held at a beautiful 19th century farm  in Maine.  The owner has held this event for 20 years now and he wanted to capture this community event that he stages each year — mostly for the kids (and the kid inside all of us).

Mother Nature threw us a curve ball with the first hurricane of the season passing off the coast on the 4th and bringing driving rain to the area, but the forecast for the 5th looked fantastic — and it was!

The photos from the event are for the attendees, but if you are are interested in having a similar event photographed please contact me and I can provide access to them.


Technically this was an interesting project.  Half of the event takes place in complete darkness (well, a setting gibbous moon), so finding focus, etc. is a bit challenging.   My original plan called for sending the quad-copter up above the fireworks for a unique point of view, but while the weather was quite nice for everyone on the ground it was way too windy above the treetops for such an operation, so that part of the plan sadly remained grounded.   I did have the opportunity to attach the GoPro cameras to some go-carts and other vehicles which was great fun.   I only wish I had more time (or another set of hands) to do more.

Here’s a shot of my equipment depot tucked away in the corner of a barn:



I hope to be invited back again some day.  While I’m quite happy with the results, armed with a bit more knowledge about how the event unfolds would open up a number of photographic and video opportunities without intruding on people’s enjoyment of the day.