Video has been rapidly become a key component in the selling of homes.  A variety of video tours and “virtual reality” gizmos have been developed and deployed across the industry.

I’ve opted to approach this market using a nod to the cinematic approach: rather than a fly-through of the home, I try to highlight it’s best features using simple camera moves and cuts to create a sense of perspective while walking through the home while trying to minimize the fish-eye distortion that is somewhat necessary to capturing small rooms.

I’ve been working with a phenomenal local real estate agent, Heather Plate, on exploring this new type of video for properties.   We’ll see how it evolves and I’m interested in working with other local agents to see if we can refine the style so that it matches what the buyers and sellers are looking for to help move properties.

Here are two samples that we have produced so far:

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  1. Steve Schwartz
    Steve Schwartz says:

    I like your work. I’m guessing you used a slider to get a lot of those shots. I’ve been using a steadycam for years and contemplating getting a slider. Between video and photos, I’m already taking a more gear than I want to on shoots. Any recommendations?

  2. Dave
    Dave says:

    Hi Steve. I hear you on the gear glut! I have a small, DIY slider. It’s on my short list to be replaced with something better as I’m not happy with it — not smooth enough and a bit too long for most gigs. Haven’t had time to research the current offerings out there. Oddly enough, I’m considering getting a short jib — for a variety of different projects, including these.

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